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Hey, I'm Danielle

Every captivating video starts with a good story, and I love telling one.

Since graduating from the University of Cincinnati's Electronic Media program, I’ve never stopped learning. I studied the elements of great storytelling at my first job as a production assistant for a local documentary filmmaker. Working every aspect of the production process throughout my career has taught me how to capture and share a story in the most impactful way.

When I'm not shooting, editing, or producing videos, you'll find me seeking out great local music in Seattle, serving microbrews in Ballard, and hiking. Or just listening to Hamilton on repeat.


Favorite tv show

Broad City

greatest PROFESSIONAL accomplishment

Winning an AAF Cincinnati Gold in Digital Advertising Video, Branded Content with my Spotted Yeti Media team in 2015 

best dog name i've ever heard

Ally McBeagle

earliest documented proof of my directing skills >>>

This short excerpt from a third-grade project where I made my dad lug our giant video camera to the top of the tallest building in Cincinnati and then rejected his love




I'd love to chat about using video to make your business or brand even more dynamic. Feel free to reach out via:

email: danielledriehaus@gmail.com

phone: 513.560.7775